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Silicone Skull and Bone Molds

Lifesize Skull Molds ($155-$195) can be made to produce one of the #1- #7 skull variants.

Open Jaw Skull Mold (#6 & #7)    $195
Open Jaw Skull Mold Flatback (#6 & #7)     $180
Full Skull Mold     $170
Full Skull Mold w/out Jaw     $165
Flatback Skull Mold     $160
Flat Back Skull mold w/out Jaw     $155

Flatback Femur Mold     $165

Bone Tip Mold     $170

Small Full Open Jaw Mold  $ 60
Small Full Skull Mold     $ 55

Small Skull Mold Flatback     $ 50
Mini Full Skull Mold     $ 45
Mini Skull Mold Flatback     $ 40

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Mold Straps

Latching strap for full molds with two-part mothermold $5

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Hard Polyfoam Skulls (Unfinished)

XL Full Skull (No molds available) $65
XL Flatback Open Jaw Skull (No molds available) $60
XL Jawless Skull (No molds available) $55
Full Open Jaw Skull (#6 & #7) $16
Flatback Open Jaw Skull (#6 & #7) $15
Full Skull (#1-#5) $14
Full Skull w/out Jaw (#1-#5) $13
Flatback Skull With Jaw (#1-#5) $12
Flatback Skull W/out Jaw (#1-#5) $11
Small Full Skull $4.50
Small Open Jaw Skull $5
Small Jawless Skull $4
Small Flatback w/Jaw $4
Mini Skull $3.50
Jaw (No Molds Available) $4.50
(Plus S&H)

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"I Make Nightmares" T-Shirt

Sizes S-XL $20
2XL-3XL $23
4XL-5XL $25

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Hollow Hard Polyfoam Pumpkins (unfinished)

(Foam Pumpkins Only- No Molds Available)
Small $18
Large $30
Cinderella $30

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Bones (Unfinished)

Femur $12
Flatback Femur $10
Humerus $10
Set of 5 Bone Tips $10
(Plus S&H)

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Foam Filled Resin Horns

Ibex Horns $80
Goat Horns $75

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To make a purchase, please email me with your shipping information and what you would like to buy. All products are handcrafted in Dallas, Texas and made to order with a minimum of three weeks turnaround. Shipping is determined once the order is complete to ensure cheapest price available. Once I have everything ready to ship, I will email you an electronic invoice. Thanks so much!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.