How do I purchase a product from you? I don't see a "Shop Now" button.

To make a purchase please email me at Nightmaremakersfx@gmail.com with your shipping information and what you would like to buy. All products are handcrafted and made to order in Dallas, Texas with a minimum turnaround time of two weeks. Once I have your order ready to ship, I will email you an invoice via PayPal.

What material are the skulls and bones made of?

We use a 6lbs density, self-skinning polyurethane foam for our skulls and bones. You can buy it here! It is a very durable, hard foam that can easily be modified with a Dremel or similar tool. It forms a smooth surface layer as it cures, which helps bring out the detail of our molds. We recommend priming the skull first with a spray or brushable primer. Here’s a link to our Youtube video showing how we finish our skulls.

Resin skulls are available upon request at a higher purchase price.

Are your skulls and bones human size?

Our skulls and bones are the size of an average human body part. Some are a bit bigger or smaller to give you a few different choices and add realism to your set.

How many different skull versions do you have available?

In nature no skull ever looks the same. We want to be able to allow you to recreate this by offering 7 different varieties of skulls. This can help break up the monotony and add realism to your set design. All skulls can be molded as full heads or with a flat back (for easier mounting and less material usage.) You should also take into consideration that in nature most skulls are jawless. Therefore we offer the mold options of a full jawless or flatback skull. Included in those 7 variations are 2 skulls with an open jaw, each is available as a full skull or flatback.

What's the turnaround time on molds, skulls, and bones?

Due to Nightmare Makers attending conventions throughout the year and our changing inventory, the turnaround time varies greatly. The average time is 2-3 weeks (plus shipping time) but depending on quantity of product and time of year ordered, it could be longer. Please contact me directly at nightmaremakersfx@gmail.com or at 817-919-1477 and I will be able to provide you with a more specific turnaround time.

How much is Shipping and Handling?

S&H is depending on weight and destination and is usually determined once the product is finished and packed. We use USPS for shipping purposes and the average for a full skull mold is $15-$20.

What's the average lifespan of a mold?

The physical lifespan of the mold depends on how you use it (e.g. materials cast, frequency). Casting abrasive materials can quickly erode mold details whereas non-abrasive materials will not affect them. Store the mold in a cool, dry environment. Let the mold cool off for a bit before pouring another skull if the material heats up during the curing process. Average cast count from our molds are 60-80 skulls, and 50 bonetips from the bonetip mold.

How many casts can you pull out of one mold?

You should be able to pull an average of 60-80 skulls out of our molds if used correctly. But we’ve had customers cast of 100+ skulls. Silicone (dragon skin) exhibits natural release characteristic. Depending on what is cast into the mold, the lubricity may be depleted over time and parts will begin to stick. But the mold will still be usable.

Is there a release needed for the mold?

If using THIS self-skinning foam from Brick In The Yard, there is no need for a release. We have tried a few releases before, but they have interacted with the foam and it did not cure correctly.

How much foam should I use in my mold?

Here is a link to our video that explains in more depth how much foam to use and the whole process of mixing, pouring and casting. Enjoy!

Full and open jaw mold: 4.5oz each- 9oz total

Full without jaw: 4oz each- 8oz total

Flatback with jaw: 3oz each- 6oz total

Flatback without jaw: 2.5oz each-5oz total

These are average amounts, depending on room temperature and humidity, and which skull mold you purchased, (some are smaller than others.)

What is the process, start to finish, of making a skull using your mold?

Here is a link to our video breaking down the process of how to mix the foam (including the ratio) and how to make and pull the skull from the mold.

What is the average amount of skulls you can get out of a gallon kit of SmoothOn FoamIt5?

A one gallon kit of SmoothOn FoamIt 5 polyurethane foam equals 256oz.

The average amount of skulls are as follows:

Full/open jaw: 25-30

Full without jaw: 30-35

Flatback with jaw: 40-45

Flatback without jaw: 50-55

For pricing please visit their site: https://www.smooth-on.com/products/foam-it-5/

How long does it take until you can pull the skull from the mold when using SmoothOn FaomIt5?

We recommend waiting approximately 20 minutes for a flatback skull to cure. A full skull takes closer to 30-45 minutes to cure.

What is the material of the outer shell and is it included in the price of the mold?

We use multiple layers of medical grade plaster bandages for the mother mold. It is a hard shell that helps keep the shape of the skull as the material expands and cures. We recommend a latching strap or similar for the full molds (not the rubberband) to keep the two piece mother mold from separating during the curing process. The mother mold is included in the price.

How do you achieve the antiqued look on a skull or bone?

Check out this video of our priming and staining process, but there are many ways to do it. Enjoy!

How do you achieve the stone look?

We recommend priming the skulls first (spray paint or brushable primer) so the stone mixture adheres better. Mix wood glue and water using 1:1 ratio. Once thoroughly mixed, add mortar mix until you achieve a pancake like consistency. The mixture is now ready to be added to your project. Video to come soon.

Do you have any bone molds or other molds available?

At the moment we only sell the foam bones, not the molds. Hopefully in the future we will have others types of molds available!

Can you pour cement into the mold to make firepit skulls?

We do not recommend cement/concrete in our molds. It is a very abrasive material and could destroy the mold quickly. We can not guarantee the quality of the mold if cement or similar is used.

How do you attach the foam skulls/bones?

They can be screwed into your set, since the foam is so rigid. Or you can use glue, or simply stick them into Great Stuff.

Can I use spray foam like Great Stuff in the mold?

We do not recommend Great Stuff in our molds. You will never get the details of the skull and it could stick to the mold.

How do I cut or modify the foam?

 The foam is rigid but can easily be modified with a Dremel or similar tool.