"Catacomb" your home

"Catacombs" your home

"Catacombs" your home

Realistic Skull Home Decor

Have you ever looked at the Catacombs of Paris or the Brno Ossuary and thought “this would be perfect for my party cave or would make a great accent wall in my favorite room”. Now you can have the catacombs in your home. Add some beautiful macabre skull decor to your space and be the envy of your friends. Take your dark art to the next level! If you want it to look real, go with the best! Nightmare Makers lifesize skulls and bones are high quality, detailed and lightweight, which is perfect for any DIY skull project. I’ve taken the hard part out of it for you by finding a lot of different looking skulls to help break up the monotony and add realism. Every product is handcrafted by yours truly, the German skull lady Melanie! All products are sold unfinished but with a bit of paint, stain and modification your skull art will look like the real deal for a fraction of the price and without digging them up. Customize your work to your specifications, complete your look by adding more bonetips, a femur or humerus to make your ossuary look even more creepy. Grab your friends and have them help you. Friends that paint skulls together, stay together! 

Love to create spooky or even scary decorations for Halloween? Own a haunted attraction? Our skulls and bones will add production value to your set and create a wow factor for any Halloween lover. For larger projects we have silicone skull and bone molds available to mass produce what you need. The one piece mold will let you create seamless products with an average count of 60+ pulls depending on material and help you create the catacombs room you’ve always dreamed of! 

Are you as obsessed as we are and convinced this has to happen? PERFECT! Check out our products and prices in detail, take a look at our videos and if you have any questions simply check the FAQs or reach out using the contact form. Thanks so much and enjoy making Nightmares!


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