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Nightmare Makers

Who We Are

We specialize in silicone skull molds to produce a high volume (average of 60 casts depending on material) of lifesize skulls yourself. We have seven varieties to choose from – full or flatback, with or without jaw. Our molds are suitable for resin, polyfoam, plaster, wax, soap and similar materials. Aside from lifesize molds we offer small and mini skull molds, which are perfect for crafting, costuming and more. We now have lifesize flatback femur and femur bonetip molds available to create your own ossuary catacombs walls.
For your smaller projects we sell our detailed rigid foam skulls separately in lifesize, XL, and mini. Add rigid foam bones and hollow pumpkins to complete your creation.

Why Choose Us?

Since we use silicone to make our molds, it gives you the ability to produce skulls and bones with a more realistic, detailed look due to the possibility of deeper undercuts. Our full molds are produced as one piece, so you are able to cast skulls without a seam. Unlike other companies we have a variety of skulls to choose from for more realistic set design. The average cast count out of our molds is 60-80 pulls, but can be over 100 casts with the right care. 

Silicone Molds

Multi-layer silicone mold with plaster mother mold to hold its shape during casting.
Produce detailed, high quality skulls (7 varieties), flatback femurs or femur bonetips using a variety of different materials. Average casts out of a mold is 60-80 pulls but can be much more depending on material and usage.

Rigid Foam Skulls

These skulls are made from hard, lightweight polyfoam which is solid enough to withstand the elements, but can be distressed with a dremel or other tool. Your choice of a round skull or flat back for easier mounting, with or without jaw. We have 7 lifesize skull options, but also XL and mini skulls.  We recommend using a primer before painting.

Rigid Foam Bones & Bonetips

Lifesize rigid foam femur or humerus bones. Flatback femur and femur bonetips also available.

(Stained bones featured for example only.)

Hollow Rigid Foam Pumpkins

Hollow rigid foam pumpkins, three varieties available.

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We’d love to hear from you. Got some questions about your DIY project? Get in touch today to see how our products are perfect for all your creative needs.  Please feel free to send us feedback of any kind. Your input helps us provide great products and improve them if necessary.